Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness and the darkness around you will be bright as noon.
— Isaiah 58:10

About T.G.I.W.

Bible Study

Every year we have Vacation Bible School for children ages 3-10 in the Family Life Center.

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Classes offered for TGIW:

"If" Book Study with Pastor Paul: 

"That tiny two-letter word is the hinge on the door of possibilities. Some of us are stuck in if only, living lives marked by regret. But God can turn your if only regrets into a what if attitude, a faith that looks forward to the future with holy confidence. There are 1,784 ifs in the Bible. The most significant? 'If God is for us, who can be against us?' It's the game changer! God is always on our side--every day, in every way. That one little if changes everything.
With his trademark enthusiasm and contagious joy, Mark Batterson helps you overcome feelings of guilt, fear, and doubt, because in Christ there is no condemnation. Unpacking the promises of Romans 8, he shows you how to transform your if only regrets into what if possibilities.
And because of that, the possibilities for your life are limitless."

         Quoted the insert from the book "if" by Mark Batterson. ISBN: 978-0-8010-1600-4

This adult class will meet in Room 2.

New Testament STudy with Pastor Larry:

Get ready for an 8 week study of the New Testament entitled, "Invitation to the New Testament". The material is a condensed version of the DISCIPLE Bible Study series.  All are welcomed, especially those who have a desire to learn more about the New Testament.                                                                            This adult class meets in Room 1.

Shiloh Youth for 7th-12th graders:

Be prepared for an adventure through the Bible like anything you've never experienced. Group Games, a lesson from the Bible, and a brief discussion in small groups is what Shiloh Youth is all about. Your student is invited to come and enjoy fellowship with new friends, learn from Scripture, and will be challenged to transform their everyday life through application based questions. The curriculum that is used in this class is from "Word of Life" and covers a variety of topics found in Scripture. "Word of Life" will cover almost every place in Scripture in the scope of almost six years. So there is always something new and engaging.                              This class is lead by Jon Gallagher, the Youth Leader at Shiloh Church alongside of other volunteers.  This class meets in the Senior High Room for all 7th-12th graders.

Olympians for 5th-6th graders

"The Olympians Bible Study is a six-year survey of the entire Bible. This Bible Study will help make the study of God's Word come alive by using themed modules to stimulate the interest of your children." - Word of Life Local Church Ministries
Our Olympians class meets in the Club 56 room, located downstairs next to our storm shelter room.

Gopher Buddies for 1st-4th graders

"If you want to understand more about teaching the life-changing truth of God’s Word to younger children, the following pages are for you. The Word of Life Gopher Buddies program is designed for early learners who have not yet entered the first grade and are approximately four to six years old. This is an exciting time for this group of children. Their bright-eyed wonder, joy of learning, humorous comments and unique mannerisms will certainly endear them to your heart." - Gopher Buddies Bible Study, Jen Armstrong, Nancy Coats, Anita Eger, Jill Eger, Jen Huntington, Christy Page, Lisa Reichard, Heather Storman, page 6.